Thursday, 28 September 2017


TheValueBettor has successfully run a subscription service for the past 5 years.

Focusing on NH racing during the main months of the season (Nov-Mar), it has made a profit to advised prices, in all 5 seasons: with a total return over the period, of 139pts on 407pts staked (ROI 34%).

However, the sharp practices of the bookmakers (pricing races up early – but not really being prepared to take a bet: coupled with significant over-rounds) have made it nearly impossible to tip profitably mid-week.
Consequently, the scope of the TVB subscription service (the main service) has been reduced to simply the big races, where the bookmakers are more prepared to take a bet – and margins aren’t so great.

Aside from the Cheltenham festival and Christmas period, most of these races are run on a Saturday (Sunday in Ireland), so the purpose of this blog is to fill the mid-week void !

My intention is to preview some of the smaller mid-week races, in which it is no longer feasible for me to tip.

I won’t be previewing races every day – just when opportunities arise and time, permits.

Obviously my prime loyalty will be with the main service subscribers – and if I have any strong opinions they will be shared with them via the TVB members forum, before I publish anything on this blog.

However, I would hope that people will still find my thoughts interesting – and whilst there won’t be any ‘tips’ on this blog, I would also hope that it will be possible to use my opinions to make a profit from the mid-week races.

If you would like to join the main TVB subscription service, and receive tips/write-ups on the Big race days – plus have access to the forum (for weekly eye catchers, Racing Systems ideas, and general discussion), then please use the contact form on the TVB website – or email me at

Here’s to an enjoyable – and profitable – journey ahead…